The Shuffle Demons
David Parker, Richard Underhill, Mike Murley, Stich Wynston, Jim Vivian


The theme song from the Shuffle Demons.  I came up with the tune while waiting for the Spadina bus (which was always packed) at the corner of Dundas and Spadina.  I was taking a couple of courses at U. of T. at the time.  It became a party tune amongst our gang and when the Demons started up, the song was there the very first day!  It was recently voted as one of the top 50 Toronto songs of all time.  I'm obviously flattered!

Check out the video:

Dave Parker
Dave Parker


"The Groove Music Project"


Dave Parker - sax/vocals

Geneviève Duval - trombone

Dan Godro - keyboards

Yvan Fortin - guitar

Harold Boivin - bass

Andy Stewart - drums

*Kevin Quain - vocals (the coach)


*Kevin is an old friend of mine from the Shuffle Demon days in Toronto.

You might want to check out his website at


Recorded at Harold's studio





I was relaxing at home thinking bout going fishing

When my mind froze over and I had a premonition

Floatin’ through heaven when I heard somebody say

Up here we play hockey 24 hours a day


An angel appeared and said we’re going to take a little trip

To a sheet of ice that’s oh so hip

It goes from sky to sky I think you’ll like our approach

Come over here son and have a listen to the coach


I’d like to remind you folks that this is not a dream

Looking around this room I see one heavenly team

Team spirit is a must, floaters won’t be aloud

And for God’s sake, (while you’re playin’) get your heads out of the clouds!


I stepped on the ice and there was Newsy Lalonde

He said “Bienvenue chère, to the golden pond”

I asked whose team do I play for? He said “Up here it’s all the same”

We’re not here to win we’re just here to play the game


I circled at the blue line Clancy got me the puck

I got behind the defence and I was heading in on Sawchuk

I let my shot fly, gave it everything I had

He said “You’re not ready for this league kid”

As the puck bounced off  his pad


Now the coach upstairs says, “Gotta spread the word”

Watch out for the trap, some people might think you’re absurd

But keep your head up and your stick on the ice

If you want to make the team up here in hockey paradise


So I spread the news, you know I told all the guys

But they don’t believe me and that’s really no surprise

They’ve all gone fishin’ but I don’t think I ought’

I’d rather stay home and work on my shot


The Shuffle Demons
David C. Parker


After a summer of touring the streets of Europe, the Demons (Rich, Mike and I) had just found a house on the east side of Toronto that would serve as Shuffle Demon headquarters.  Little did I know that my first encounter with a serious infestation of cockroaches would be the impetus for a new song.  Being involved with the creation and filming of the video with Joel Goldberg and Kurt Swinghammer was a blast.  We used to claim that "Out of my House Roach" could be used to exorcise a house of it's roaches.  (100% organic of course)

Check out the video:

The Shuffle Demons
Richard Underhill, David Parker, Stich Wynston, Victor Bateman


One of my favorite food songs for sure!


Jig's Up!
David C. Parker


Simply put, the lady loves to dance!

Jig's Up!
David C. Parker


I'm extremely passionate about the sport of hockey.  This song tells the story of a person who through a dream realizes that they play hockey 24/7 up in... heaven.