"Hockey Was Invented By A Nova Scotian" - Album

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The collection of songs on this album express my passion for the game of hockey and the winter season.  It’s an eclectic mix of styles from the romantic “Wintertime” to country/rock, “Hockey Was Invented by a Nova Scotian” to folk, “The Ballad of James Creighton”, a bluesy “Hockey in Heaven” and a rocking “Just Above the Planet Earth”.  I even put on a cover version of “Hockey Night in Canada” recorded by my sax quartet “Sax-o-matic” (sax-o-matic.com)



"Shake Your Bling" - 4-song EP

Shake Your Bling is a 4-song EP release by the Dudes of Swing.  It's a collection of three originals and one cover...the beautiful "Tennessee Waltz".  The EP opens with "Call the Dudes of Swing",  the band's theme song.  It tells the story of how the Dudes of Swing, with their swinging sounds, come to the rescue of a few helpless dancers!  "My Dog is the Hippest Cat" gives a wink and a nod to the great "Louis Jordan", while "Ethel's Tango" will hopefully stretch your dancing palette across the floor and back!

Gettin' Back to the Roots - Jig's Up!




"Gettin' Back to the Roots" (Jig's Up! CD)

"Gettin' Back to the Roots" is a collection of original tunes that describe characters and places throughout the great country of Canada from Newfoundland, (Down From the Hills) across the Prairies, (Leo’s Hooch) to the Yukon, (Yukon Girl).  The music has been described as “celtic-western”, “funkin’ bumpkin”, “twisted country” and “east-coast music with a dash of prairie seasoning”. 

Gettin' Back to the Roots - Jig's Up!



"The Blue Wall" (Trio David Parker CD)

The Blue Wall is a collection of jazz standards and originals.  Tena Palmer (vocals) joins us as a special guest.

The Blue Wall - David Parker Trio



"Méla" (Trio David Parker CD)

Méla is a collection of original contemporary jazz tunes.  It features longtime collaborator Richard Underhill as special guest.

Méla (feat. Richard Underhill) - David Parker Trio